We are a goal-oriented, data-driven, unique to you workout facility with one focus: you!

There are 3 main reasons why someone looks into joining, or changing their gyms- Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, or Injury Prevention.

Our expert team of trainers understands that, even though your reason may be the same as someone else, our approach shouldn't be.

What's your 'why'?

Body Composition

Body Composition is the key. Whether it's to gain lean tissue or lose body fat. A scale can give us a lot of information. Conceptually a scale can give us a number based around mass going up or down but it can not give us an idea of health. I have worked with unhealthy 120lb individuals as well as incredibly fit 250lb athletes. Body Composition or the percentages of lean body mass compared to body fat is a much better indicator of someone's nutrition and exercise habits.

Athletic Performance

Increasing “athletic” performance is about creating efficiency around movement, building strength and developing speed. There is a science behind athletic development and we understand that science as well as anyone. Through repetition of movement, motivational training environment, education around bio-mechanics and how movements transfer to sport we have developed a fast track system. This system has been proven to bring out the best in anyone's athletic ability and allow them to make sustainable progress as they train for better.

Injury Prevention

Most people want to workout and take good care of their bodies so they are comfortable doing the activities they enjoy. A majority of people's fitness goal is to move pain free, and they want to feel strong and healthy. There may be injuries to overcome, hesitancy around certain exercises and questions about the best way to use our time in the gym. This is where having a plan and receiving education is important. Our team is here to help motivate, inspire and coach you through questions, concerns, injury and all the seasons of life. Our team is her to help build confidence in the gym and create an experience you will enjoy.

Our processes

Form meets movement meets results and improvement

How we do it.


Coaching is what we do best. We believe it’s not enough to understand movement and be likable, but good coaching is also about inspiring and motivating people to progressively move forward. Our goal as a team is to master efficiency of biomechanics, poor belief into people who doubt their ability and create an environment where almost anything feels possible.


We believe that you can not out perform your fork. Understanding the role nutrition plays in body composition and energy production is incredibly important. We have worked with a NC Registered Dietician to create a Nutrition Plan that can accommodate most peoples needs. We have also partnered with the Isagenix Brand and Product Line to further assist our clients and members with convenient, high quality and deliverable nutrition options.

App Based Training

We are proud of our app based coaching program. This program is designed for individuals that wants fresh workouts monthly that can be done on their own schedule. You meet with a coach once a month for an hour long assessment. Your coach will prescribe a 3xwk training program based on current fitness level. Your training program will be hosted on our TrainHeroic app giving you a way to track progress, engage with your coach about workouts and see movement demos for clarity.


Science leads to data leads to results.

Body Composition

I began training with Coach Megan at Axis Fitness in August of 2016. After losing a substantial amount of weight, coupled with some physical limitations due to prior surgeries on both achilles tendons and a chronic knees injury, I decided that I wanted to get into shape and strengthen my body! For 2 years before I retired from teaching, Megan would train me well after hours at Axis Lumina to accommodate my lengthy work day at school. My progress was slow and steady and not only did Megan help me strengthen my body, she also helped me strengthen my confidence to overcome the fears that were deeply rooted in my mind regarding getting stronger; taking risks with my body that I was fearful of doing. I am no longer afraid to try ANYTHING! I may not like doing burpees, but I'll do them and not listen to my brain when it tells me "! can't". Megan has instilled the belief that I can do anything I set my mind to do, and for that I will be forever grateful!
- Mary

Athletic Performance

Strength...is...key!  I can honestly say, that without strength, I would not have had the ability to maximize my potential in running and continue to do so now heading into my 40’s!   I’ve used strength to supplement many miles, so that I can focus an entire season (usually the Summer months) of gaining strength.  The team at Axis believe in me, and work around my running schedule to make sure they are not loading me up on days before a big run workout, or soon after one.  They know when to challenge me and when to just refine some movements that are run specific, and they can do so on the drop of a dime.  I can speak volumes on how important strength is.  At one time years ago, we called it my secret weapon, when I was one of the only runners building strength for all these years.  Secret is out, and I continue to share the importance of strength to all my runner friends, since it has been my backbone of longevity in the sport of running.  I never imagined I would shave off enough time in a marathon to qualify for Olympic Trials...never.  However, having an amazing team of coaches who believed in me and worked on my weaknesses made all the difference in the world.  The motivation I get from walking into Axis is incredible.  They motivate me to keep showing up, by their own disciplined high energy selves...it just rubs off on me and instills that same consistency and fire in me to keep improving.  
- Erin

Injury Prevention

I came to the gym nervous, in pain but hopeful that strength training was going to be the answer to getting relief from the lower back pain that I had been experiencing for years. As a professional spending long hours seated behind a desk working, I had developed some poor posture habits that had been compounded by time. I had tried manipulation treatments, messages with some temporary relief but it wasn't until I started strength training that I began to understand the muscular breakdown that existed in my hips and up my spine. What I appreciated about the training program is that the Axis team took what was going on with my back into account every workout and was able to scale and progress movements based on what made sense for me. Over time the pain started to subside for longer periods and eventually I began to live pain-free for the first time in a long time. I think the difference maker at Axis Fitness is the teams aptitude for coaching and correcting movements. For me it was not about going into the gym and feeling like I just broke a sweat, it was about achieving a goal. The Axis team helped me accomplish that goal and that improved my quality of life. I realize that fitness is a journey and I most appreciate the freedom strength training has given me to go about the things I enjoy. Mike, Axis and the Team are game changers!
- Rob

Is now The time?