Strength, Conditioning, and Endurance - together with fellow athletes and unparalleled coaching, this method has been tested and the results speak for themselves.


Experience fitness freedom with our 24/7/365 open gym membership. From traditional cardio pieces to equipment for sprint intervals, we've got it all.

Correct movement dysfunction and build muscle safely with our circuit of pin select strength pieces. Our wide range of dumbbells, cable systems, power racks, bumper plates, kettlebells, and medicine balls cater to all your functional training needs.That's not all. Get started on the right track with our 5-day pass, granting you open gym access, 3 group training sessions, and a program design session with a coach. It's time to elevate your fitness journey.

Claim your pass now and unleash your potential in our dynamic fitness community. Let's make your goals a reality!


Join us in an epic group training experience, conquering intensity zones from 1(grey) to 5(red). With Myzone exertion points (meps) and gt3 exertion protocols, our experienced coaches will transform your fitness game.

Unleash your inner athlete and schedule your group training session now!


Experience our program design session, a personalized fitness assessment that unlocks your true potential.

Here's what you can expect:
1. Movement screen: we assess your posture and mobility, identifying areas for improvement.
2. Warm-up: we target and correct specific areas with a customized warm-up routine.
3. Strength assessment: we gauge your overall strength relative to bodyweight.
4. Muscular endurance assessment: we measure your muscular endurance through a series of movements.
5. Conditioning assessment: we test your aerobic capacity with a challenging interval workout.
6. Score and prescription: based on your results, we provide a tailored program, combining group training and/or one-on-one coaching.

Discover your total score (4-24) and commit to a program that accelerates your progress. Schedule your program design session and unlock your fitness potential today.


We're all about discovering your full fitness potential and optimizing your metabolic function. That's why we offer our program design session where you team up with one of our expert coaches. During this personalized session, we dig deep into your personal goals, strengths, and metabolic needs.

Our coach will then craft a science based and custom program specifically designed to enhance your metabolic function while aligning with your unique goals.With this personalized roadmap, you'll work closely with your coach, who will guide you towards maximum metabolic efficiency and help you crush your fitness goals like a champ. Get ready to elevate your performance, unleash your metabolism and achieve greatness!


FITNESS goes beyond mere physical goals; it's a deep-rooted longing for a better quality of life.

We strive to be more than just a place to work out; we aim to create an environment where you feel genuinely welcomed, encouraged, and supported every step of the way. We believe in fostering a sense of belonging and community, where everyone's journey is respected and celebrated. We take pride in creating a safe space where you can be vulnerable, ask questions, and receive the personalized attention you deserve.

It's about more than just physical transformation; it's about empowering you to discover your inner strength, cultivate self-esteem, and achieve well-being.

Body Composition is the key. Whether it's to gain lean tissue or lose body fat. A scale can give us a lot of information. Conceptually a scale can give us a number based around mass going up or down but it can not give us an idea of health. I have worked with unhealthy 120lb individuals as well as incredibly fit 250lb athletes. Body Composition or the percentages of lean body mass compared to body fat is a much better indicator of someone's nutrition and exercise habits.

Most people want to workout and take good care of their bodies so they are comfortable doing the activities they enjoy. A majority of people's fitness goal is to move pain free, and they want to feel strong and healthy. There may be injuries to overcome, hesitancy around certain exercises and questions about the best way to use our time in the gym.

This is where having a plan and receiving education is important. Our team is here to help motivate, inspire and coach you through questions, concerns, injury and all the seasons of life. Our team is her to help build confidence in the gym and create an experience you will enjoy.

Axis Fitness is not your run-of-the-mill gym where you go to work up a sweat. We've taken the science of working out to a whole new level. When you walk through those doors, you can feel the energy, the passion, and the dedication to excellence.

We've done our homework. We've studied the research,  stayed up late pouring over the latest studies, and they've dialed in their training methodologies to give you the best workout of your life.

It's like stepping into a Lab of fitness, where every exercise, every piece of equipment is backed by science. We've got trainers who are like wizards using their knowledge to create personalized workout plans that will have you pushing your limits and achieving results you never thought possible.

WE're NOT just a gym, it's a Place of scientific fitness knowledge that will elevate your game and take you to new heights.


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