Will Bennett

Never had one, and too new to the Axis Team for a monocure, so just a dude named Will.


Deadlifts- 100%!

Workout Jam

"Vices" - Silverstein

Inspiration Comes From

If I’m honest, there’s no one person I gain inspiration from. It’s taking in the world through my eyes and seeing the daily struggle of everyone trying to make things work. We all have different situations and are presented with daily challenges — and to see everyone have to conquer their own battles in certain ways is inspirational to me. There’s so much potential in the world and I’m just a speck, literally a walking, talking bag of organic matter, and I have a appreciation of being able to walk through this life and control my “choices.” I guess the world itself is inspirational.

Glutinous Guilty Pleasure


Give Me All The Things From



Lumina Station