Melinda Finch

Mo, MoFo

Nick Name

Mo, MoFo


I love me some bottoms ups or snatches!!! And call me crazy, but I don’t hate burpees. These are all great total body movements that can also get the heart rate up.

Workout Jam

Anything upbeat and 80’s!!!! I know all of the words and will of course sing along. I also need some 90’s hip hop to balance things out.

Inspiration Comes From

I feel honored to be apart of the #Axisfam! The coaches and clients around me inspire me daily. And of course my family, especially my nine year old son Mason, keeps me pushing and working hard to keep up with him;).

Glutinous Guilty Pleasure

I love red wine paired with a great NETFLIX series or movie. And I do have a hard time saying no to K38 salsa.