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Level Up Challenge

Our LEVEL UP CHALLENGE 2022 encompasses in, and out, of the gym opportunities. From coaching, app-based training, and nutrition combined with our fitness model of GROUP FITNESS, OPEN GYM, and PERSONAL TRAINING, we give you all the tools AND the plan to make it happen!

WHEN: January 15, 2022

WHAT: Assessment workout to set your benchmark metrics to evaluate your improvement

HOW: A 3-part workout including Strength, Conditioning, and endurance

WHere: You choose any of our 3 locations!WheN: Kick Off


We are here to change your body, to change your relationship with conventional exercise, and to show you that you can smile through your sweat, and make yourself proud.



6 WEEKS OF GT3 Our Axis-classic, coach-LED Training Sessions.  These 60-minutes cover 3 modalities (areas of work)- barbell based Strength Training, cardio focused Conditioning, and stamina improving Endurance.

You also get access to our SIDE HUSTLE series of classes at no additional charge!  Ready to kick it up a little more?  Join us for PB3- a 60-minute, low impact, high intensity pilates, barre, and spin combo class! Coming soon FM3- an active stretch and recovery course to keep you in tip top shape between workouts!


$99! Yeah, you read that right.  $99 for 6 weeks at Wilmington's premiere fitness facilities- with locations at Wrightsville Beach, Downtown, and Hampstead.  Valued at over $200, we want you to get in the doors and see what's up.  Our expert team is here to push you, change you, and motivate you- we just need to get you in the door- so why not give you an offer you can't (or shouldn't) refuse.