Level Up Challenge

Ready or Not!

It's time to level up!

It’s a new year and that means new goals. So rather than trying to recreate the wheel, why not commit to “Leveling Up” with us at Axis? What does that even mean? Simply put, “Leveling Up” means to make a move in your life for the better. That can mean so many things, but we’re looking to help you Level Up your health and fitness with an amazing 6-Week Challenge for only $99!

But we’re sure you have more questions. So let’s attack this as a FAQ!


Level Up is a 6-Week accountability and fitness challenge designed to help EVERYONE refocus and elevate their workout routine to get more out of it. Whether you’ve been working regularly or you haven’t worked out in a long time, the Level Up Challenge is designed to get EVERYONE moving towards increased health, strength, endurance and conditioning.


Level Up is for EVERYONE! Meaning existing Axis group fitness members will be automatically enrolled into the challenge for FREE. New members can join Level Up for $99 and enjoy 6-weeks of group fitness classes with NO ADDITIONAL FEES!


We all can improve on ourselves in some form or fashion. Whether we’re looking to drop some body fat, get stronger or have more energy to keep up with our kids, the thought process is the same. To take whatever we’re currently doing an improve on it or Level Up.


We believe in the pillars of STRENGTH, MUSCULAR ENDURANCE & CONDITIONING for all of our group training (GT3) sessions. These are the specific areas we look to improve over the 6-weeks. Improvements in these three key areas will certainly help you reach your goals, regardless of what they are. That along with one-on-one time with one of our amazing coaches to look at your current trajectory paired with our app-based scientific training opportunities will get you exactly to where you’re looking to go and have fun while doing it.

  1. STRENGTH - Strength is vital in maintaining functionality in everyday life. Injury prevention, changes in body composition, improved function and performance as well as so many more benefits are also associated with regular strength training.
  2. MUSCULAR ENDURANCE - Increases in muscular endurance include an increased metabolism, reduced muscular fatigue, improved movement quality and efficiency and greater gains from muscle hypertrophy.
  3. CONDITIONING - Increased conditioning or cardiovascular capacity can increase your recovery between workouts, enhance mood, increase cardiovascular health and improve your ability to train at higher intensities for longer periods.

You get the amazing one-on-one support of a coach to help you along the way through the entire 6-weeks. You also get an amazing Challenge Packet specifically designed to be paired with the Axis Level Up Challenge that is jam-packed full of helpful and healthy recipes, nutrition tips and tricks and so much more for NO ADDITIONAL COST!  


$99 gets you 6-weeks of amazing workouts. When you decide that you love our gym and can’t see yourself anywhere else, you’ll get the opportunity to sign up for a full membership at an incredible offer! You’ll have to see it to believe it!

We hope that you find this info helpful in making your decision to join us for the Level Up Challenge. Our goal is simple, give you all the tools needed to live your best life when it comes to fitness. Show up to the gym ready to get after it. Eat the foods that are in line with your goal(s) and don’t be too hard on yourself. We are here to change your body, to change your relationship with conventional exercise, and to show you that you can smile through your sweat, and make yourself proud. Wake up each day ready to Sweat, Hustle and Repeat.

Click here for the Level Up Challenge Packet!
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