Science Meets Sweat!

Have you hit that dreaded place known in the fitness industry as the “plateau?” A lot of people think that hitting a plateau with your workouts is inevitable, but if you’re training with a competent coach that actually understands scientific training principles such as exercise selection, frequency and progressive overload, that shouldn’t be the case!

Still not sure what a fitness plateau actually is and if you’ve ever experienced one? You might be in a fitness plateau if you’re doing what you “think” are all the right things such as training regularly, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, etc. but you’re stuck seeing the same results and nothing is changing. If this sounds familiar, you might be in the middle of a fitness plateau RIGHT NOW!

Most people that attend gyms that specialize in one type of workout like yoga or cycling usually hit a stagnant point after a few short months. You’ve done all you can and you feel stuck because nothing is changing or getting any better. The workouts become formulaic and the challenge that existed when you first started is missing. You’re doing the same basic exercises every day and you aren’t improving or seeing the results you once hoped for.


This is why we coined the term, “Science Meets Sweat!” Biomechanics, moving properly, and strengthening your body through rigorous training that pushes you to your personal limits is what we do everyday at Axis. You’re only going to get out what you put in, so do it right, do it often, and let your body speak for itself. It’s why we use heart rate monitors and data tracking to reinforce our workouts. You can sweat anywhere, but we believe you should know why and how your body is reacting and changing to continue to see progress. We know that the science leads to data and that data leads to real results.  

When you come to Axis you’re going to complete a workout that is entirely different than anything you’ve done before

A gym is a gym is a gym. And then there's Axis.


When you come to Axis you’re going to complete a workout that is entirely different than anything you’ve done before. You’ll never have to worry about plateauing with Axis. Even though our workout might be a “Lower Body Strength Day” like it did last week, don’t get it twisted! Every day at Axis is one you’ve ever seen before. Our coaches work tirelessly to program workouts that incorporate movements that target different muscle groups in different ways every single day. Our coaches will always educate you on proper movement mechanics to prevent injuries, believe in you as they give you heavier weights, and encourage you as you do one more rep than you thought  possible. Axis coaches will also challenge you in a safe and effective way to allow you to keep improving and reach YOUR goals. We’re here to put the WORK IN right along side you!


We also understand the very real problem of boredom with workouts. That is why we know it is absolutely necessary to keep our workouts fresh, creative and challenging. Our GT3 (Strength, Conditioning & Endurance) Group Classes paired with an unparalleled community of fellow athletes and inspired coaching is why our method of tested and results-driven training speaks for itself.

So if you’re done feeling stuck in your fitness plateau check out what we do, why we do it and how we deliver it at Axis! It’s time to challenge yourself each and every day, set some new goals and push your personal limits. We are here to change your body, to change your relationship with conventional exercise, and to show you that you can smile through your sweat, and make yourself proud of how far you’ve come.