Lumina Station


Join downtown Wilmington's FIRST and ONLY full service fitness facility and training center!

1904 Eastwood Rd #105 Wilmington, NC 28403

Walk into the doors of our Lumina Station location, and don’t be surprised if your hips immediately start moving and your head starts bumping! This location is where our GT3 program kicked off and where bodies continue to be transformed. With our blue lights, loud music, insane energy, and high-end equipment, you are guaranteed to get the sweat of a lifetime here.

Group Training 3-Element Workout (GT3)

  • 12 minutes of a form focused, primary strength movement
  • Heart Rate Target Zones: Reach Yellow, recover to Blue before next set
  • 12 minutes of complementary, interval based muscular endurance
  • Heart Rate Target Zones: Green/Yellow
  • 12 minutes of body fat blasting, oxygen consuming conditioning
  • Heart Rate Target Zones: Yellow/Some Red

Designed to be an energetic, fun and structured workout in a contagious team environment with real time heart rate readings from athletes as they workout.

1-on-1 Personal Training

1 on 1 is primarily for corrective instruction that is difficult to coach in a group setting. The focus is to tailor a workout to the specific needs of the client, build comfort level for participating in the group setting and then cycle the client into or back into the group workouts

Own The Zone:

Blue: 60-69% of your max heart rate

Green: 70-79%

Yellow: 80-89%

Red: 90-99%




M-TH: 9am-6pm

Fri, Sat: 8am-12pm

Sun: by appointment only


M-TH: 8am-12pm + 4-7pm

Fri, Sat: 8am-12pm

Personal Training
Group Training
Towel Service