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Heal. Connect. Inspire.


Yoga Studio Wilmington NC

Building a community of love, support and strength.

We offer our students the opportunity to discover inner peace and personal strength through our diverse class offerings. Our classes are an opportunity to explore the depths of our existence and come out on the other side with peace of mind, stillness of heart, and an awakening of the soul.

By combining strength, flexibility, and mobility, focusing on unconditional love, and fostering deep connections, we become more than a yoga studio. We become a family.

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We offer classes for students at all stages of their yoga journey.

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Our Instructors bring experience, energy, and compassion to the mat.

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These workshops are an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and advance your practice.

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Passion + Mission

Discover inner peace. Practice your passion.

Our mission is to heal, connect, and inspire each person that enters Axis Yoga + Studio to help bring peace, love, and contentment to the world.

Macy Cole believes in the power that comes from freeing ourselves of the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual entanglements of this world in order to connect to ourselves and others more deeply. When we can release tension in the body, mind, and spirit the tension in our relationships and life begin to dissolve as well.

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