It’s time to mix up your marathon training plan! When creating a training plan, it is so important to incorporate strength training. Our strength training circuits here at Axis Fitness + Training have improved the overall endurance of many of our clients who are avid runners. Don’t believe us? Take their word for it!

“I’ve been training at Axis consistently for over 1.5 years now. It has helped me tremendously with my running! I’m able to keep my speed/fitness level up during the hot Summer months by maintaining my strength while keeping mileage low. Many of the exercises at Axis transfer right over to running and is so important for building a strong runner (endurance or sprints). The team at Axis is so motivating, and they truly want you to be the best athlete you can be.”

-Erin Hogston

Since starting at Axis, the biggest change I’ve noticed in my running is how much easier my long runs have become.  Previously around mile 16-18, I’d start to get really sore in my back, glutes, and hips.  The past year, I’ve strengthened my back and core, and since then my long runs have gotten much easier, with none of those aches and pains.  This spring I did 2 full marathons and a 50K, and finished each of them feeling physically great, like I could have kept running.”

-Brenda Fox

“As a runner, it’s important to keep the glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors strong and mobile.  The coaches at Axis ensure I keep good form while also helping me to not only get strong but stay strong.  Even through an injury, they provide options to keep up my fitness.  As a result, I’m back running pain free and feeling stronger every day.  Whatever your fitness goals are, Axis is a great environment to reach your potential.”

-Robyn Godfrey


“As a runner, Axis fitness training has made a big difference in my running performance, and has been a fun way to change up my running routine!  The classes at Axis are always different and focus on building strength. balance, mobility and core work.  By incorporating this type of cross training, I feel stronger in my core and legs which in turn helps to support my joints and muscles used while running.”   

-Carey Leach

“I have been training at Axis for the last year and a half, and I have seen significant improvements in my running. I have PR’d three times since working out here. My legs are stronger, and my endurance is higher. Instead of feeling weak or worn down in certain parts of my legs at the end of a long run, I now feel strong and balanced. I am excited to continue building my overall strength and mobility and keep getting new Personal Records in races!”

-Kathryn Collins

If you are wanting to improve your overall strength and speed up your marathon time, stop by one of our Axis locations. Our coaches can help!