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Our Wilmington gym offers group and personal fitness programs, training plans, and passes to fit your needs and lifestyle.

The Axis Fitness + Training studio in Lumina Station officially opened its doors January 2016 in Wilmington, North Carolina, however its concept has been in the making since 2008. Its foundation was laid by 20+ years of personal training & coaching experience, as well as extensive travel to other facilities across the country. We offer high energy group workouts, 1-on-1 personal training and with the addition of our CastleBranch location in July 2017, now an Axis Corporate Wellness Program. Armed with a wealth of equipment, bumpin’ music and a modern design, the Axis Fitness + Training studios are a fresh approach to fitness.  All of this has helped us create a one of a kind culture that is contagious for all who try it!

Our training philosophy brings strength training, muscular endurance, & conditioning as well as functional movement patterns all into one fitness program, under one roof. It’s not just simply about breaking a sweat or lifting as much as you can, you and your body require a structured exercise plan. We believe in building strength through a principle known as progressive overload. We start with your fitness level and gradually increase weight over time, putting stress on the muscles and forcing them to adapt to new demands. We’ll be using a program called TrainHeroic to capture your workout progression and make sure your strength is increasing, but NEVER at the expense of proper form. Also, by utilizing a technology called MyZone heart-rate tracking, we’ll be able to project your live heart-rate on a screen during your workout. We’ll be burning calories and sweating with a purpose as we monitor heat-rate zones, calories burned and overall exertion level. All the components of your daily workout will be intentional and programmed for the big picture of moving better, getting stronger and feeling healthier!

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