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MetCon Group Training

The MetCon GT program is designed to be an energetic, fun and structured workout in a contagious team environment. This particular group workout will be a high-intensity, body-fat blasting, oxygen-consuming conditioning challenge. Using the My Zone system,, we will be able to get real time heart rate readings from athletes as they workout. Prepare for an amazing, motivational atmosphere ensuring each athlete is giving it their all!

Power Barre

Power Barre is an innovative way to reshape your body with small isometric movements combined with large dynamic moves. It will strengthen and tone as well as increase your flexibility while working your muscles to their deepest point. It targets all the major muscle groups with emphasis on the abs, arms, hips, thighs and booty! Prepare to increase that heart rate, improve your circulation and rev up your metabolism!


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We turn your Fitness Goals into Real Results.

Our certified Wilmington fitness coaches begin by identifying each member’s current level of fitness, and builds a focused fitness program from there. Through scientific assessments, we establish original workout plans through strength training and conditioning, while providing a heart rate monitor to keep track of your individual progress.

You are not alone in your fitness journey. Our goal is to build your confidence and skills through our group training programs, so you can begin seeing personal results in your own life.

Let your community encourage and challenge you today through intentional, focused, and programmed sessions.

Fitness Gym + Philosophy

Axis Fitness + Training is a Wilmington fitness gym and studio focused on total body training, strength training, conditioning, experienced coaching, cutting edge technology, and a high energy community, which helps our members reach their individual goals.

Our approach includes high energy group workouts, one-on-one personal coaching, and progressive training plans.

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Get Your New Race PR at Axis!

It’s time to mix up your marathon training plan! When creating a training plan, it is so important to incorporate strength training. Our strength training circuits here at Axis Fitness + Training have improved the overall endurance of many of our clients who are avid runners.

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Axis Fam + Renata Kuperus

I have come a long way at Axis! Whenever I first started, I lacked technique to perform a lot of the exercises. Mike and Britt have been so patient and kind working with me and always correcting my form.

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Axis Fam + Jane Warren

My journey started at Axis the very first day they opened and I have been a proud supporter ever since! I have met so many great people through doing the groups and they have become a part of my Axis family. I love the teamwork, support, and motivation you receive within the groups.

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