The Assessment Workout serves as a means to measure output for the three elements that our Axis workouts are built around – Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Conditioning. We believe these elements are of equal importance and our goal is for every member to become more fit in all three.


Axis 360 Nutrition Plan is a whole foods meal plan built around a balanced approach to macro nutrients (fats proteins, and carbohydrates). The Axis 360 +1 Nutrition Plan is a whole food meal plan with our added supplement line for quality, convenience, as well as providing weight loss and performance enhancement to fast track your goals.


The 16-Week Challenge is made up of two categories: performance and body transformation. Through our Axis Fitness and Axis 360 +1 Nutrition Plan, athletes set out to accomplish their goals and see results. The images and testimonial below are proof that through hard work, accountability, and determination – you can accomplish anything that you set your mind and body to!


Jeff Bryant 

“At the age of 32, I had reached my heaviest weight, 225, and was more out of shape than I had ever been. Physical activity was something that I actively avoided whenever possible. I had become ashamed of the way that I looked. In January, I committed to making serious changes in my life and quickly began to see results. I started the Axis 360 +1 Nutrition weight loss program, worked to improve my diet, and strived  to training 3 times per week with a combination of 60 minute personal training and group training sessions.  The weight seemed to fall off quickly and easily. I noticed my body changing and improving almost daily. 16 weeks into the year, I’ve lost over 30 pounds, dropped many pant sizes, and feel much more confident with my appearance. I am thrilled with my progress using the Axis Fitness and Nutrition combo and can’t to see where this journey continues to take me!”

Cindy Young

“I started working out Axis Fitness + Training two times a week instead of 5 and could already feel a difference in my stamina, strength, and energy level. However, I still wasn’t see my weight and body change. I was even still dieting! How can this be? I was on the verge of another break down when I had finally met Heather Clark not only motivated me to stick with it, but gave me a new outlook on nutrition. The Axis 360 +1 Nutrition Plan made getting healthy easy, convenient and it has changed my life! It not only changed my body, but I have more energy, and I sleep better now. Now that I had help with nutrition and with fitness, all I had to do was stick it out. I had to learn to love myself through the struggle. To celebrate the wins even if they seemed small. To push myself, even when I felt like I couldn’t do something. I had to STOP criticizing myself. I had to STOP comparing myself to other people. Once I had changed my mindset and outlook, I was unstoppable. I LOVE MYSELF AGAIN! And love for yourself is the key to everything! I now have more energy and focus to be a better mom and wife. All of my coaches have literally changed my life, and I could not be more grateful.”

Brenda Fox

“Prior to the challenge I was working out a lot – my average week was 3 Axis groups, 1 PT, and running about 25 miles. My eating habits were my downfall – I pretty much ate whatever I wanted, and drank lots of beer. My axis workouts didn’t really change, but I started running a little more. My diet is what I needed to fix. I started the Axis 360 +1 Nutrition Plan in January. It’s been the perfect compromise for me, I still eat what I want, I just try a little harder to control my portions. Overall, I feel great about my changes, and I’m feeling a lot stronger on my long runs.”

Kelly Tison

“Previous to the 16 week challenge, I had been going to Axis 1-2 times a week. Once the challenge started I went about 3x a week. I feel amazing and have a lot more energy and stamina. I started Axis last year and the results have been amazing, compared to where I was last year.”

Tonya Wallace

“Before the challenge I was working out at Axis 2-3 days a week, eating whatever I wanted that was mostly reasonably healthy. When the challenge started, I stuck with working out at Axis 2-3 days a week, joined the YWCA tri-club, and started the Axis 360 +1 Nutrition Plan. I feel great now.  I feel like I am in the best shape I have ever been. I can physically see the changes in my body. I feel stronger, both mentally and physically. I think the combination of the increased activity level and the nutritional program helped to achieve these results. I completed/survived in two triathlons! I plan on continuing with nutrition and working out at Axis.”

Imke Hartley

“In December, I finished nursing my baby. When he turned 1 years old, my goal was to lose 7-10 pounds of remaining baby weight. I started with the 30-day cleanse and continued with 2 shakes per day and cleansed about every Monday. I workout at Axis about 3 times per week and run about 5 miles – 3 days per week with one rest and/or yoga day. I feel stronger and more energized!”

Ashley Bowers

“I was going to Axis consistently, but  I didn’t have an eating plan. I just felt lethargic and slow and puffy. I felt like I needed to cleanse my body of some toxins and get a jumpstart back into eating healthy again. I feel energized, faster, and confident! I am not afraid to take a photo now! I feel confident in my body and in the clothes that I can wear and the things that I can do. I know that I am in the best shape I have ever been in and it feels amazing! I used the Axis Nutrition 360 +1 Nutrition plan, and I see how easy it makes it to incorporate clean eating into a busy lifestyle. The cleanses are huge for me as well! I used to be lactose intolerant but I swear Axis Nutrition has cured me of that!”

Jody Clark

“I was using the Axis 360 +1 Nutrition Plan and was doing Axis workouts 3-4 times a week. I feel my workouts got better and more productive because I added in the performance line from nutrition plan. I feel great! My body is functioning well. I am very happy and excited to set new goals!”

Michael Ussery

“I was a member at Axis prior to the kick off of the 16-week challenge.  However, what changed for me was the accountability, and the competition, that the challenge brought. Never did I feel that I was competing against anyone other than myself. However, I did feel as though everyone was holding me accountable for my performance and improvement.  At the end of the challenge, not only do I feel incredibly strong, but I’m also proud of myself.  The way I can move now, the endurance, the conditioning of my heart and cardio activities (which I HATE), I am getting to a place where I am impressing and surprising myself. I did follow the Axis 360 +1 Nutrition Plan. Axis has guided me to a healthy relationship with food, encouraging me to eat more than you think you should, but balance it all out with the proper nutrition.”

Todd Devine

“When I first started this challenge I was inconsistent in nutrition and exercise. The thing that made difference for me was building mental muscle first. I’ve always struggled with consistency, so when I started believing in myself and trusting the process, I gained unstoppable momentum. I feel like a new man now. Good nutrition and consistent exercise are no longer a season for me, they are a part of my life now. I have a new identity through Axis Fitness, Axis Yoga, and the Axis 360 +1 Nutrition Plan.”

We are so proud of all of our amazing athletes, and we cannot wait to see where your continued dedication to your health takes you!