Axis Yoga + Studio is excited to announce our first ever Axis Family Spotlight, introducing Jane Warren! Jane embodies Unconditional Love as she is always seeking to humbly serve others and lift those around her up! She is one of the strongest, kindest, most inspiring people we have ever had the privilege of knowing and are honored to get to call her a part of the Axis Family! Thank you for being such an inspiration in helping spread Unconditional Love to the world!

Below you will find some Q&A in an attempt to get to know this humble sweet spirit a little better! Enjoy 🙂



I have 2 nicknames I guess, my dad used to call me Cricket and of course my Axis coaches call me JDub 🙂

Birthday/Zodiac Sign:

August 15 – Leo

Your Significant Other:

Married to Mark Warren for almost 18 years!

When did you move to Wilmington and why do you Love it: 

Moved to Wilmington in 1988 to attend UNCW and never left! I love all that Wilmington has to offer from the beaches to historic downtown and every place in between.

Job Life:

I work as a mom full-time and part-time at Quality Chemical Laboratories as a QA Associate

Greatest Accomplishments:

I believe my 2 greatest accomplishments although they are still a work in progress are my daughters, Ella and Hattie

Favorite Movie:

I have too many favorite movies to list but I enjoy action thrillers such as superhero flicks and comedies such as National Lampoons Vacation:)

Favorite music:

80’s Big Hair Bands and Hip-hop

Why you enjoy Yoga:

I ADORE yoga because it gives me an outlet from the outside world where I can concentrate on myself and obtain a better understanding of my mind/body connection.  It helps me find peace with myself so I can be the best version of “me” that I can be 🙂

Favorite Local Spots:  

PT’s especially the one on Military Cutoff 😉 Ceviche, K38, Axis Fitness, AxisYoga, and Lake Gaston although not very local!

Role models:  

There are many in my life but 3 that stand out are my mom, my dad, and Macy Cole 🙂 My mom had the special gift of making everybody laugh and was the most selfless person I knew.  She never wanted anybody to ever do anything for her, she always did for others. My dad was the bravest man I have ever met having fought in one of the greatest battles ever in history…WWII.  Any you Macy because I have never met a more genuine, sincere person in my life!  You are absolutely the kindest soul and you always speak from the heart, unrehearsed and it inspires me to be a better person ALWAYS!

A glimpse of my perfect day:  

A sunny warm day with my family, dog included preferably on the water having so much fun laughing and playing with no phones not caring about to-do lists or even wearing a watch 🙂