What is your Axis Nickname?


Tell us about your journey here at Axis.

“I started working out at Axis when they opened in January of 2016, and was hooked!  In the beginning, I was doing two group training classes per week, but after a couple months I increased to three group training classes per week and have added in Personal Training sessions. Since starting, I’ve gotten so much stronger and have dropped 12 pounds!

What is the most difficult exercise more for you to do here?

“Push Press”

Which is your favorite movement?

“Back Squats”

What’s your favorite song to workout to?

“Volbeat, Still Counting (Although I’ve never heard it played at Axis!)”

Which is your favorite 12-minute circuit?


What’s your favorite day of the week to come in for a Group Training class?


What is something you’ve done here that you never thought you could do?

“Unassisted Pull Up”

What keeps you motivated for fitness?

“For me, so much revolves around my running.  I push to be as strong as I can be to help me be a stronger runner.  Also, I find the groups at Axis to be so fun, that it really doesn’t take a lot of motivation to show up for them!”

What is your regimen for nutrition?

“I’m loosely doing the Axis Nutrition 360+1 Plan.  Most days I have 2 shakes, 2 snacks, and eat whatever I want for dinner, within reason.  It’s worked out really well for me.  I’ve been able to drop some weight, without ever feeling deprived.”